Software for traveling & shipping services by bus

Mobility as a Service

Veontime offers vertical solutions with the MaaS formula for carriers of buses and coaches throughout the world.

Ship using coaches lines

Ship documents and packages using the *coaches lines*: you will save time and money and protect the environment.

Software solutions

We develop software, thanks to a staff of engineers with 20 years of experience.

How it works

The Veontime platform offers a vertical solution with the Mobilty as a Service formula for carriers of buses and coaches throughout the world, allowing them to offer booking tickets online and package shipping services independently of personal travel tickets.

Advantages to the carriers

All-in-one solution

A complete and integrated all-in-one service for travel ticket and shipping.

Free Marketing
Any marketing investment for the Veontime platform automatically generates visibility and sales for all carriers.
Update & assistance
Technical assistance 24/7. Payment management, cyber security and call center service for customers.
Solid & secure software
Solid software architecture, with many applications and options, statistics and reports, multi-user accounts, security, UX friendly.
More revenue
Activating the Veontime service means more revenue without any additional use of human resources and investments.
No fees

Carriers do not have to pay a monthly or annual fee for Veontime services.You pay a commission,only if the service has generated sales.

Reduce the volume of CO2

  • Protect the environment, through reducing the volume of CO2, optimizing the space not used by the bus travelers.

Less traffic, less traffic accidents.

  • Optimizing bus luggage space also means less shipments, less traffic, less traffic accidents.

A green choice

  • Optimizing the space not used by the bus travelers means also reducing the consumption of raw materials

Advantages to the customers

Save 80%
Save up to 80% for shipments.
Same-day delivery
Super fast, departs & delivery with bus in same-day.
Best choice for bulky luggage
A very economical choice for shipping heavy and bulky luggage.
All in few clicks
Delivery/collection can be easily consulted and booked online.
Marketplace guarantee
Marketplace guarantee as an intermediary for complaints.
Customer support
Free customer support by phone, email and chat.
Insurance coverage
Insurance coverage during transport.
Secure payments
Secure and guaranteed online payments.

Service characteristics

Two possibilities of using the software as SaaS; only for shipments (for carriers that already have an e-ticket platform) or for both services, shipments and online travel ticket reservations.
Different options for shipping
Self service (terminal to terminal), full service (door to door) or semi full service (door to station, station to door).
Track packages online
Online tracking service to track where the package is at any time and to predict any bus delays.
Second chance service
“Second chance” service to guarantee the delivery of parcels in the event that the recipient does not show up on time at the stop
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