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Eb Visident

Dental Clinic Software

Eb Educenter

Learning Center Management

Eb Profab

Manufacturing System


eLearning Platform

Eb Retail

Retail Management Software

Eb Laboratory

Medical Lab Management

Eb Konfeksoft

Apparel Management System

Eb School

School Management System


Travel & Shipping Platform

Eb Charity

Donation Management Software

Eb Persogram

Human Resource Management System

Companies using our technology

What a honor it is to know we have made so many people happy and provided an enjoyable experience.

What our clients saying!

Ilva Gjika

We have been using the ECTABYTE program for 9 years. The program has helped us coordinate work processes between different departments, such as sales, marketing, warehousing, and finance.

This program helps us to extract analytical data about the needs related to different sectors. I would suggest to other companies the ECTABYTE program, be it manufacturing, service or trading companies, because this program is very easy, fast, efficient and accurate. 

– – – – –

CFO – Ardeno Shpk

Kujtim Dautaj

We are ALK Medical Laboratory with 15 years of experience. Standardized with international certificates. In our beginnings, we worked simply with. Today it probably seems to laugh but, with notebooks and registers. That was a lot of work overwhelming and cannot provide a database.

We addressed the company ECTABYTE to provide a program as flexible as possible for all laboratory functions. The program includes processes from the reception and continues in the analytical sector. The combination is done with the central server and everything is preserved to perfection, responding to both patients and any analysis. We currently have 8 years of using this program. 

– – – – –

President – ALK Medical Laboratory

Vjollca Jolla

Qatar Center is a foreign language and computer center. ECTABYTE is a program that uses of 5 years. I personally use it for making certifications. The program has been very helpful to us with the data, the statistics that we bring to the Ministry of Finance and Economy, for the quick exit of the number of the envelope number of a trainee, for making certifications, to see for each trainee what courses he has completed among these years. I would suggest the ECTABYTE program to any company or foreign language center. It is very simple to use, very easy to use and takes very little time for making certifications. 

– – – – – 

Teacher – Qatar Center Albania 

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