Commitment to protecting the environment. Dedication to spread the benefits of digital innovation to a larger public. We value human resources as our most important asset.


Time is too precious to be wasted in old way bookings. Veontime works to connect people and digitalize companies. 


Veontime gives the comfort of choosing the top-notch travelling & shipping services by cross border coach lines in Balkans, through the most compelling e-ticket experience.

The Company

Ectabyte Srl is a young and dynamic company that produces management software, thanks to a staff of developers with 20 years of experience. Various software programs have been created, tested and are already being utilized by important companies at an international level.
Among the products we have developed, is a web application called Veontime for online bus ticket reservations.

Veontime platform

Veontime platform offers an ideal solution for those who love envorinmentally sustainable choices, offering the possibility to ship quicker than couriers, at low cost prices.
Currently, those who have to send a package using bus services can do so only after long calls and have to wait to check for the availability of space. Veontime is the first platform in Europe that allows you to consult the availability of space for the route/destination of interest from your smartphone or PC.
The booking service, fast and secure on a web application, will allow carriers to optimize their shipping service (separate from the travel ticket), which they may already offer, but with very little effectiveness.


Nominated as Best Newcomer for Italy for the 2019 season


Selected and admitted to the international acceleration program GLOBAL STARTUP PROGRAM, promoted by ICE Agenzia & Ministero Dello Sviluppo Economico


Selected as one of Best 16 startups in Italy for Smart Mobility, by MCE2019



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The Team

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Altin Braka

Co founder & CEO.

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Tahar Fahem

Co founder & CTO.

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Admin manager.

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Hasip Buba

Digital marketing.

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Nertil Lika

Social media manager.

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Rexhino Lika

Video maker & editor.