Arisa’s РTextile manufacturing
Full management of the entire cycle, raw material import, production planning, production line monitor, export management, etc.
Details of the software: KonfekSoft
Features and benefits:
Konfeksoft (ordered by Arisa Ltd.) is a software designed to manage the activities of textile manufacturing factories through outsourcing. The management system consists of three main modules; import registration, organization and monitoring of production and export management.
The system allows the network connection (Sql server) sharing the work process among many users and controlling their rights to use different functions.
The Konfeksoft management system is specifically developed based on the activities of these types of companies. Its utilization is very intuitive and easy for operators of this sector. The company that has bought and currently uses the software (from 5 years) has over 1,000 workers (Arisa Shpk, Tirana). To date we have developed the updated version ( of the management software.
The software organizes the job of the workers allocating different tasks to the various departments and hence managing the full production line. The activities of each department are easily monitored and reports may be created in various formats.
Searches, filters, printing, etc. all these activities can be done in a unified way. Reports, analysis and statistics are clearly generated and can be exported in various formats, such as PDF, Excel and Word.
The program is updated online by the developer, without requesting the intervention of an external technician. It also gives the possibility to notify the developer of any request or requirement that may occur during its use by sending an email directly from the software.
All the data is saved automatically and in real time (it is not necessary to click in order to communicate the changes to the server).
The database is stored in backup to guarantee immediate recovery in case of emergency.