Eb Charity

For all kind of Non- Profits organization for managing donation and make the donor transparency for donor retention.

Eb Charity is designed for NGO, Trust, and Charitable Organisation. A complete multi-locational, multi-channel and multi-user donation collection and management system for Charitable Organisations.

Donation Management

Campaign Management

Donation Tracking

Donor Management

Event Management

Gift Matching Management

Payment Processing

Pledge Management

Receipt Management

Recurring Giving

  • Installed – Windows
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS

“We started working on programs with the Ectabyte company more than 9 years ago. These programs were used in the association with many advantages during this long period of time from 2011 to the present day.

We are the Qatar Charity Association, Albania office. We have been working with these programs since 2011as I said in more than one field. We work with them in the field of social welfare, from registration to changes and additions to aid distributions to exchange guarantees to many things in this program. The advantage of the program is that it is a flexible program and you can benefit from it in more than one thing. It is also a program with capabilities that gives you everything you want when you move at work

We do not talk to Ectabyte on one program. We have dealt with Ectabyte in more than one program. As I said, there is a program called the institution, which is excellent for social welfare for any charitable organization working in this field. It is an integrated program that gives you everything you want from registration, archiving documents, distributions and help In the speed of work, the most thing that helped us with the program is the speed of work. Once you register with the barcode it registers who received and who did not receive from these things as well. It is very fast in its options in terms of research, addition and modification. It is a program that has a lot of additions, there is another program which is the affairs Workers is a Integratedprogram From the attendance and leaving to the report to keeping documents, this program is also very good. And also we dealt with it in the internal communication program, which is an easy and affordable program that gives good potential

The advantage that Ectabyte has is the services, the after-sales service, it does not give you the program and then leaves you but rather gives you the program and then follows you until you benefit from it and if any problem occurred they are ready to deal and help you in solving this problem in all areas whether it is a programming program or information recovery or So on”

Prof. Shawki Abusaif

Director of “Albanian Qatar Assotiation”