Eb Educenter

Eb i-Learn is suitable for private or public district schools, colleges & universities, language centers and academies of any type. Eb Educenter is an advanced system in the field of Education Technology, offering: Student Information System (SIS and Learning Management System (LMS). The platform offers an end-to-end and modular information management solution that can be used by any educational institution. 

Registration management, data analysis, training courses presentation, various reports, statistics, etc.


Application Management

Assessment Management

Candidate Management

Colleges / Universities

Evaluation Management

Fee Management

Financial Aid Management

Forms Management

Recruiting Management


Self Service Portal


Classroom Management

Block Websites/Applications

Built in LMS

Collaboration Tools

For Classroom

For Labs

Remote Access/Control

Report Cards

Support Audio/Images/Video



View Student Monitors



Attendance Tracking

Class Summary

Curve Scores

Grade Calculations

Individualized Assessments

Lesson Planning

Parent Portal

Progress Reports

Report Cards

Teacher Dashboard

Weighted Assignments


Higher Education

Admissions Management

Alumni Management

Assessment Management

Curriculum Management

Faculty / Staff Management

Financial Aid Management

Fundraising Management

Housing Management


Student Information / Records

Student Portal


School Accounting

Accounts Payable

Attendance Management

Billing & Invoicing

Budgeting & Forecasting

Class Loading

Fixed Asset Management

For Private Schools

Fund Accounting

General Ledger

Payroll Management



Student Information System

Attendance Tracking

Class Registration

Classroom Management

Electronic Assignments & Tests

Financial Aid Management


Higher Education

Parent Portal

Progress Reports

  • Installed – Windows
  • Web-Based, Cloud, SaaS



“We started working on programs with the Ectabyte company more than 9 years ago. These programs were used in the association with many advantages during this long period of time from 2011 to the present day.

We are the Qatar Charity Association, Albania office. We have been working with these programs since 2011as I said in more than one field. We work with them in the field of social welfare, from registration to changes and additions to aid distributions to exchange guarantees to many things in this program. The advantage of the program is that it is a flexible program and you can benefit from it in more than one thing. It is also a program with capabilities that gives you everything you want when you move at work

We do not talk to Ectabyte on one program. We have dealt with Ectabyte in more than one program. As I said, there is a program called the institution, which is excellent for social welfare for any charitable organization working in this field. It is an integrated program that gives you everything you want from registration, archiving documents, distributions and help In the speed of work, the most thing that helped us with the program is the speed of work. Once you register with the barcode it registers who received and who did not receive from these things as well. It is very fast in its options in terms of research, addition and modification. It is a program that has a lot of additions, there is another program which is the affairs Workers is a Integratedprogram From the attendance and leaving to the report to keeping documents, this program is also very good. And also we dealt with it in the internal communication program, which is an easy and affordable program that gives good potential

The advantage that Ectabyte has is the services, the after-sales service, it does not give you the program and then leaves you but rather gives you the program and then follows you until you benefit from it and if any problem occurred they are ready to deal and help you in solving this problem in all areas whether it is a programming program or information recovery or So on”

Prof. Shawki Abusaif,

Director of “Albanian Qatar Assotiation”