Eb Laboratory

Designed for core analyses laboratory operations, it helps with features such as optimized workflows  patient safety and clinical validation.

Laboratory process management software to track & manage any level of process complexity, and enables user customized applications.

Patient data management, medical analysis log, various reports.

Audit Management

Calibration Management

Data Security

Lab Instruments Integration

Lab Order Management

Sample Tracking

Test Panels

Installed – Windows

We are ALK Medical Laboratory with 15 years of experience. Standardized with international certificates. In our beginnings, we worked simply with. Today it probably seems to laugh but, with notebooks and registers. That was a lot of work overwhelming and cannot provide a database.

We addressed the company ECTABYTE to provide a program as flexible as possible for all laboratory functions. The program includes processes from the reception and continues in the analytical sector. The combination is done with the central server and everything is preserved to perfection, responding to both patients and any analysis. We currently have 8 years of using this program.

Kujtim Dautaj

President of ALK Medical Laboratory