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Welcome to Persogram!

Persogram is a simple yet comprehensive HR software, user friendly, that enables you to run your organizations HR processes easily, giving you more time and possibility to focus on your employees.
We take care of your HR processes with numerous complex functions and processing from
on-boarding and attendance management to time tracking, biometric fingerprint attendance machine real time data collection, salaries and  appraisals, we’ve got it all covered.

Employee Database Management.

We make tracking employee data and records very easy. A centralized HRIS (HR information system) ensures that employee data is perfectly synced across multiple users of the program.
The program is designed to create a complete and detailed database with information’s about all employees.
 In very easy steps you may get information on any employee about attendance at work, tasks, qualifications, use of business equipment, ratings, educations and qualifications, experiences, skills, additional work, bank account, payment, and holidays.

Add Employees.

Adding new employees to your HR has never been easier.
Persogram gives you the opportunity to store all the information necessary for your new employee as well as updating it at any time necessary thus creating a profile for each employee that you can keep track of continuously.

Employee Attendance

Persogram is designed to be connected with multiple biometric attendance machines, thus giving the user a complete live report on employees entering or leaving the workplace.
The user is able to check if the employees are respecting the time schedule through collecting all the data from the biometric attendance machine.


Through Persogram you are able to easily generate reports on employees on:
General information about the employee
Attendance for the period of time you require
Salaries or payments sorted by working hours
Generate statistic about the employees work